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12 years of experience

We’re professionals. For each client, we use years of experience in performance and affiliate marketing as well as cutting-edge technical background. As a result, we provide advertisers and affiliates with maximum support and significantly increase their profits.

We’re aiming high. Our goal is to be the best affiliate network for casinos, sportsbooks and lotteries. Come grow and earn with us.

We will help you build a functional and prosperous affiliate business.

How it all started?


It was 2011 when we first came across a casino affiliate program. At that time, all we had to do was to register and without any further approval we could start promoting immediately. The URL link was used, a player registered to a casino, and 100 EUR was made as a revenue share.

“The day when I first received 10 EUR as a revenue share for such little effort will be well remembered”

Since then, the creation of affiliate websites began, which at one point numbered around 286 in a total of 12 languages.

We promoted only the biggest advertisers, which were totaling over 30, we tried all the affiliate platforms, we had hundreds of meetings and brought tens of thousands of players to the Advertisers.

But we also solved many problems like invalid links, misleading support, outdated campaigns or nonresponsive helpdesk. We’ve been through everything our industry has to offer and there are few things that still surprise us.

In 2020, the idea came up to finally make a truly professional affiliate for casinos and sportsbooks. In 2021 a big analysis of the European market started and after its evaluation in January 2022 the decision was made to build the best affiliate service.

Added value

Our foundations

Excelentní péče

Excelent care

Becoming a partner means becoming a part of our family. Ask us anything.

Know how

Know how

We are happy to share our experience, which is in abundance. Become a pro fast.

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Fast response rate

Time is money and we are very much aware of that. Our team responds quickly.

Focus na business

Focus on bussines

We help partners make money. If the partner is broke, we are broke as well.

Who’s behind this

Our core team

Daniel Trojan

Daniel Trojan


Martin Brumla


Jacob Křehla


George Schwarzer


Milutín Kubík

integration specialist

Peter Gottwald

data analysis