Amsterdam was the epicenter of the iGaming industry from July 16 to 19, 2023, as the industry’s biggest names descended upon the city for the annual IGB LIVE event. Affilmaster, among other key players, contributed to pivotal conversations regarding the future of iGaming in The Netherlands, the dynamic changes in Curaçao, and the rise of women’s sports.

Shaping the Future of iGaming in The Netherlands

The Netherlands’ recent advertising ban has sent ripples through the iGaming industry, raising questions about the sector’s future. Many industry leaders, addressed these concerns by proposing alternative strategies to thrive despite the advertising ban. Social media platforms, community engagement, and engaging content could potentially sustain and even grow the industry despite the restrictions, according to the firm.

Navigating the Curaçao Landscape

Curaçao’s rapidly evolving regulatory landscape was another focal point at IGB LIVE. As the local government tightens its grip, companies are faced with a challenge of adapting to new regulatory measures. Firms like Affilmaster interpret these changes not as obstacles, but as opportunities to build trust and foster customer satisfaction through transparency and compliance.

The Rising Impact of Women’s Sports

The global upswing in women’s sports also took center stage, considering its increasing relevance to the gaming industry. Many big players in the industry acknowledged the need to cater to this growing demographic, highlighting the potential for market expansion and innovative gaming solutions. An emphasis was also placed on the importance of inclusive representation, advocating for equal platforming of women’s sports within iGaming.

Our presence

While in-depth discussions were the heart of the event, networking was equally vital. Affilmaster, along with other attendees, seized the opportunity to forge new partnerships and fortify existing relationships. By aligning with industry professionals and sharing insights on the future of iGaming, companies underscored their commitment to the sector’s continual evolution.

In conclusion, IGB LIVE Amsterdam 2023 proved to be a melting pot of ideas, an opportunity to face challenges head-on, and a chance to innovate. Conversations sparked at the event provided a comprehensive understanding of the iGaming landscape’s future direction and the critical role of industry players like Affilmaster in driving progress.