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Options and variants

Why start an affiliate marketing?

Do you want to earn even more, but standard advertising is no longer bringing in new players? Bet on affiliate marketing. This type of cooperation will generate thousands or millions of impressions and bring you not only new players, but also direct profits. The huge advantage is that affiliate partners (bloggers, influencers, catalogues or cashback portals) recommend you, promote you and help you build your brand. With their help, you get effective advertising that costs you nothing. You only pay when you earn. The profit sharing is therefore completely fair.

There are several types of affiliate cooperation. The most common is Revenue Share, where the advertiser shares the profit amount.
Another can be CPA, where the advertiser rewards for meeting specific conditions.

Benefits of this solution

Why AffilMaster and not your own program?

We went through a lot of successful affiliate projects and campaigns in our past, so we know what’s behind a solution like this. It’s not easy to build your own affiliate program at a really good level. It takes months, or rather years, before everything goes like it should and you’re finally generating great profits.

Don’t waste your time and pass this new marketing possibility to us. Take advantage of our 12 years of know-how, cutting edge technology and all-in-one service. We’ll take care of everything, including growing your profits.

  • Save 5-18 months of pre-launch development.
  • Receive unique know-how and instant support.
  • Save on maintenance fees and initial ivestment.
  • Get an exclusive listing to a cashback portal.
  • Expand your player base with exotic databases.
  • Get instant traffic and new users.

Really cool

Nothing to worry about

  • Onboarding
    Everything we agree upon, we do set up and start running.
  • Campaign management
    We set up, manage and monitor your campaigns.
  • Constant development
    We are constatly improving the integration methods and CRM.
  • Reporting
    You have direct access to all reports.
  • Fraud controlling
    No surprises. Fraudulent transactions do not get through.
  • Billing
    Detailed billing immediately after the end of the month.
  • Dedicated support
    You will have an experienced affiliate manager at your disposal.
  • Bespoke graphics
    We will prepare graphic contents according to your needs.
  • Building a database of affiliate partners
    We actively search for the best affiliate partners for you.
  • Affiliate Partner Support
    Of course, we also take care of needs of affiliate partners.

In three steps

How to start?

Specification of conditions

We advise on an affiliate model, note specific requirements and sign the contract.

usually 1-2 working days

System integration

Together with your platform integrator’s IT, we connect the affiliate platform.

usually 3-5 working days

Listing and settings

We set up the campaign structure, label your banners and create redirects.

usually 1-2 working days

With our help, you can have a fully functional affiliate in just 5-9 days.

From the very beginning, you will communicate with one assigned account manager who will guide you through the entire process. Our IT specialist will be at your disposal to ensure a smooth integration.

IT administration

Going live

We take care of all the operation as soon as you become our client.

If you create a new campaign, just send us your banners and the destination URL. We’ll take care of everything else.
You’ll have online statistics, receive a weekly report and a billing at the end of the month.

Tiny cost

Price and expenses

Affiliate is fair, so apart from a small monthly fee for IT support, you only pay if your customers make money from our network.

AffilMaster and affiliate partners only earn commissions if you make money.

  • from 129 €
    monthly IT costs
  • 5-10%
    revenue share from NGR

Monthly costs are calculated based on your exact needs.
Location, campaign volume, monthly workload, dedicated manager, and others do play a big role.

Community of Exceptional

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Most frequent questions

How complex is the integration?

Integration is a matter of 3-5 days for an experienced developer on your platform provider’s side. Throughout the integration process, you will be assigned a specialist who will assist you as much as possible to ensure that the integration goes as quickly and smoothly as possible. It is also possible that we have your platform provider already connected.

What is player validity/expiration?

Player validity is the time when the Advertiser provides a NGR commission to the Affiliate Partner who brought the player. For example, it can be 5, 10 years or lifetime. During this period the Affiliate Partner is entitled to a commission if the player makes a revenue. After expiration, the Affiliate Partner no longer receives the reward.

What if the brought in player wins and the Advertiser has negative balance?

That can happen as well. By default, a negative balance is not carried over to the new month. Affiliate can not affect the win rate. The advertiser gets the full profit after the player expires, which is no longer shared with the affiliate.

What is the duration of the cooperation? When can I withdraw from the agreement??

The cooperation is concluded for an indefinite period. The cooperation is withdrawn 2 months from the date of the notice.

What about data protection?

We know how sensitive data is in our competitive environment. We guarantee that we will not provide any data to any third party. Even within our internal team, only three people total have access to all data. In addition, access to data is logged.

When do Affiliates receive commission?

The payout of affiliate partners is scheduled to the 20th day of each month for their performance of the previous period.